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Financial guidance for Business Owners and their Families

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When a business is a part of your financial picture your needs are more complicated.  You have concerns about your family, business, and employees.  Your income and expenses vary month to month.  You have fiduciary responsibilities dealing with your company retirement plan...

We help you balance these concerns and find the best path to achieve your goals.  

Sean DeFrehn has been a business owner for more than 20 years and has been guiding other entrepreneurs in financial decisions since 2001.  

Our success is tied to yours

We were founded out of a desire to do more for our clients.  In 2002 Sean DeFrehn left a big name wirehouse to create DeFrehn Consulting.  The inspiration was that if the advisor was motivated by improving the situation of the client, rather than a sales goal, then everyone's goals would align and everyone would do better. 

We continue that practice today.  We have created the flexibility to structure relationships in ways that best suit you.  From the frequency and ways we keep in touch, to the way we are compensated, to the types and complexity of the investments we recommend, decisions are based on your needs and desires.  

Fee-based Not Fee-only

Our goal is to align our interests with yours including the structure of our compensation.  Often the best arrangement is fee-based on a percentage of assets but that is not always the case.  To address these other situations we also offer flat-fee, hourly and per transaction services.  

It is important to note that not all transactions are allowed to participate in all compensation types by regulation.       

We value your time.  

We are constantly working to minimize the time you need to put into working on your investments.  We do as much as we can for you, from filling out forms and sending you a DocuSign to hosting Email meetings for investment committees.  

If we can find a way to save you some time we do it.  

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"Most of our clients don't have the time to devote to managing their investments they should.  I help them so they can spend time on what's really important."  

Sean L. DeFrehn

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