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We work with employers that want to provide an exceptional level of retirement benefits.  To improve employees stress levels and financial outcomes we provide employees with one on one financial advice on topics beyond 401(k)s.  To improve participant engagement we customize financial workshops to their needs and interests.  To lower risk and reduce cost, we help employers by facilitating investment committees, Creating an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), conducting regular plan reviews, and regular RFPs. 

All of these are important issues but to a fast growing business the needs are multiplied and we specialize in helping these businesses.    

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We work with personal clients in the later stages of their careers to balance risk and return in their retirement accounts, maximize social security, address college expenses, inheritance, and investment real estate.  We work out the details so they can focus on what they really want to be doing.  

Naturally, with our expertise in retirement plan management many of our clients are business owners.  This allows us to create and customize plans using tools only available to business owners.  We look forward to talking over the possibilities with you.  

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We value your time.  

We value your time.  

We are constantly working to minimize the time you need to put into working on your investments.  We do as much as we can for you, from filling out forms and sending you a DocuSign to hosting Email meetings for investment committees.  

If we can find a way to save you some time we do it.  

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"Most of our clients don't have the time to devote to managing their investments they should.  I help them so they can spend time on what's really important."  

Sean L. DeFrehn

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