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DeFrehn Consulting

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We focus on providing personalized investment advice to business owners and their families.  Your situation is unique, your advice should be too.

Small business owners need an advisor that knows them and their business to help then make financial decisions and to avoid costly mistakes.   Properly managing a 401(k) plan takes special expertise but that may not even be your best option. Business owners have great opportunities that we can help you take advantage of like specialized plans that can help save on taxes. 

DeFrehn Consulting was established in 2002 to provide investors with thoughtful customized financial guidance. We take the time to get to know you and your unique situation. We choose our partners to provide the most flexible offerings to our clients. This allows us to focus on designing investment plans around you and your specific needs.

We are based in Adamstown, MD and available to meet with you in person. We also work with many clients throughout the country. Our clients are not limited to investment products from any one company. We work with each client to find the best investments in the marketplace.