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Our personalized process

To give good advice you need to get to know people. We want to know what is important to you, your current situation, where you’ve been and where you want to go. Then we can plan out the path to get you there and guide you along the way.

Knowing you and your situation

Our approach to finance is similar to a doctor`s approach to medicine. We want to get to know you, a process that takes time and very open conversation covering topics that most people are naturally reluctant to discuss. The mutual exchange of information allows us to make the best possible investment decisions together. The more open and detailed information we have to work with the better the results we can achieve.

Devising a plan you can live with

Even a perfectly constructed plan is worthless if it`s not followed. We carefully construct plans so that you can and do follow them. Many clients feel it helps to write out their plan. It helps them better understand, follow and strengthen their commitment to it.

Implementing the plan

We simplify the process for you by doing most of the implementation of an investment plan, a process that normally takes a great deal of time and careful consideration of many details. The main decisions we make here are to prioritize activities, how to best arrange your assets among various investment options and what types of investments and insurance policies are best suited for you.

Watching over your investments

Rarely do investors know how to read the market, have access to all of the up to date information and have the time to be consistently reviewing their own investments. We do. Many investors can`t separate emotion from the decision making process. We can. We perform all of these tasks for our clients while they do the things they enjoy doing.

Making adjustments

Sometime life changes affect your financial situation or plan. Whenever necessary, we review your situation and make the necessary adjustments. These changes could include a job change, change in the health of a family member or just the passage of time.