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Great time to start a business?

July 9, 2015

The current state of our economy may be difficult and scary but for some, this is the best time for bold new action.

Noelle Stary, a University of Maryland grad recently started Twenty Lemons, a small business marketing firm.

“This was the right time for me because I saw a need I could fulfill.” Noelle said, “With many small businesses hurting good marketing helps them to boost sales when they really need it.”

Self-determination is a big factor when starting a business, especially when your worth is being constantly tested. If you can make it now you’ll do great later.

Eugene Amegashitsi opened Amegana LLC a real estate development company in Gaithersburg last year. Eugene changed his job to better meet his skill set. “Everyone was a realtor when times were good it was easy. The economic cycles have helped to weed out the competition.”

He didn’t care what the market was like when he decided to make the change because he was interested in a long-term plan that would carry him through bad times and good.

It is undoubtedly more difficult to start a business during tough economic times but all businesses face difficult times eventually.

These brave entrepreneurs are not alone. Many powerhouses got their start during a recession like; Burger King, Microsoft, CNN, MTV, Fed Ex, Sports Illustrated, GE, and Hewlett-Packard.

You can let things happen to you or you can make them happen for you. Either way, it’s up to you.